International high quality bearings create more value for you

In order to better serve the China market, ICAN bearings is now looking for agents all over the country. We sincerely invite you to join us!

Our strengths:

Quality advantage:More quiet Longer duration lfe

Price advantage:Cost-effective

Lead-time advantage:Shorter and timey

Service advantage:More professional efficient and considerate

Customized advantage:Customized service based on the demand of the customers

Joining Us

1. Have strong brand awareness and market awareness, and identify with American Ican corporate culture and business philosophy;

2. A company with legal business license qualification, full civil power and capacity, and able to bear civil liability independently;

3. Have good market network resources, strong marketing team and rich business operation experience;

4. Have a certain ability to distribute to surrounding areas;

5. Have strong financial strength and market development spirit.

ICAN looks forward to your joining!


For distributor application, please send email to: